Our team has been multiplying for over 30 years fifteen species on behalf of several  French and foreign  seed companies.


A  large network of producers

A network of more than 250 farmer multipliers loyal and experienced localized
Mainly in the South West of France.

Performant team

A technical team of 6 technicians and engineers (the largest in France), specialized by species to ensure an efficient management of the network of producers and technical quality and personalized advice.
A factory team, experienced  and with a proven and long standing expertise manages the sorting and packaging of seed lots.

Custom production equipment

Significant investments in specific hardware and equipment for seed crops (precision seeders, bulb harvesters , écimeuses, hoes, rakes, dryers, onion harvesters, combine harvesters adapted,  experimental equipment, …)

Grandeur nature of tests

An experimental farm of 20 acres for the establishment of many agronomic
and varietal trials in micro plots.
A partner farm of 800 acres performing all production nurseries (Onion) and the establishment of trial in macro plots  to improve production techniques and test new species and varieties.

A modern factory

A sorting plant equipped with the most modern equipment was set up in 2012 on the site of Lasserre de Prouilhe including 2 lines of automated cleaning, magnetic and optical sorters, canvases beet, spirals, a bagging line and treatment seed. A second building built in the heart of the main production area of carrots and onions enables to secure the  postharvest drying and ensure fast pre-cleaning of the lots prior to transfer to the sorting plant.

Laboratory quality control

We carry internally or from recognized  laboratories,  the different qualitative tests prior to packing lots of 20-25Kg bags, big bags or cardboard container according to the demands of our customers.

Effective logistics

Logistics using the most efficient transport companies specific fro each destination allows us to send quickly by road, air or sea and at the best cost all the productions of our customers in Europe, Asia and America.